Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

The WC had both Barry Manilow and KC and the Sunshine Band. I felt so sad when Barry sang. I loved his voice and music. I love his song about New England, so sweet and melancholy, Copacabana I love. Mandy a classic. His singing tonight well my mother probably put it best “If he was trying out on America’s Got Talent he would be Xed”. What happened? Could her theory on age and singing be right? My mother believes men lose their singing voices as they age. I thought this was a myth. He is 72.

KC. Well in the early eighties you know what we called a fan of KC and the Sunshine Band? A dork. Not sure if that was true everywhere or my high school. I felt a sense of nostalgia watching them But not fan like feelings.

On the Boston Concert they had this singer who is starring in a musical based on Billy Joel songs. Sheesh I remember when the album came out with Uptown Girl and Allentown. I remember when Piano Man was a hit. Now his music is featured in a musical? I feel so old. In the early eighties in high school lots of us were Joel fans.

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