Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Watching Tiny House Hunters and DAMMIT

Couple is going from 3000 sq ft house to a tiny house. But...”Office/work space is really important to me”, “I need space for chopping..we like to cook”, “Storage space is important”

A few times they have said “Oh that’s tiny” or “It’s kinda small” about something and I am cackling like a crazy person.


Oh now the chick is all upset about the vinyl siding on the very cute moored house on some lake on something. The agent keeps telling her “you can paint it” and chick says “But it’s still vinyl” and they just show the agent’s deadpan face

ETA: about the closet space she keeps saying “that’s underwear size” and I keep yelling “bitch, how much underwear you got”

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