Seriously, if you have any kind of emetophobia (my autocorrect just tried to change this to embryo phobia, which I think is hilarious) please don't click.

I live with a couple. All day Monday, the woman half of this couple was home sick with what we thought was food poisoning. If how I just spent the last 6 hours is any kind of indication, it is not food poisoning it is some kind of stomach bug. Which I now very emphatically have.

I can't stop throwing up, and since the last thing I ate was salmon, that's all my mouth tastes like no matter how much I brush, and I'm worried I'll never be able to eat salmon again, and it's one of my favorite foods.

But the worst part of this? I'm totally content being single like 99% of the time. I don't deal well with others in my space, and I like being alone far too much. But I saw the man half of my roommate couple with his girlfriend all Monday. He was buying her Popsicles because they were the only thing she could keep down, and rubbing her back, and buying her a heating pad for her sore stomach muscles. He carried her bodily down the stairs when she wanted to watch tv in the living room, after the worst of it stopped. He rinsed out the trash can she threw up in multiple times throughout the night. And I'm so so alone. He heard me when I first threw up, and knocked on the door to check if I was okay, but after confirming I wasn't dead, was off to bed. And tomorrow, I'll probably stay home. And I'll be here by myself all day. And we'll have Popsicles for me to eat, but only because they'd already been bought for her. And if I want one, I'll have to drag my pathetic body downstairs to get one.

I just want to know what it's like to have someone to take care of me like that.