Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Can we talk about Wayne Goss for a moment?

I don't really follow a lot of the "makeup gurus" on youtube. I find a lot of them to be kind of insufferable for various reasons. Either they seem really superficial or they are only teaching how to produce looks that I would/could never wear. Goss? TOTALLY different. Instead of focusing mostly on "looks", he teaches technique. And a lot of these techniques are taught in a really refreshingly honest and super simple way.

His tutorial on how to stipple cream foundation on with a pulled apart makeup sponge? AMAZING. It has changed my routine and the texture of my skin by a LOT. His tutorial on cat eyes? Incredible. Not only do I now know how to achieve the look (something that literally DOZENS AND DOZENS of other youtube chicks could not do for me!) but it also taught me about my eye shape and what will naturally look best on my eyes.


Anyway, he is releasing a brush set through beautylish and I just pre-ordered it. Normally I don't fall into that "trap" but I actually really trust that these brushes will be good. Did anyone else score them?

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