Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1) I can finally think of Jared Padalecki as "Sam" and not as "Dean" from Gilmore Girls

2) I just liked a page on Facebook entitled "Acklesholics"...and I'm not even ashamed.

3) Recently, at a social event, there was a girl sitting by herself wearing a very vintage-y outfit from the 50s and she was sitting outside a circle and not participating. When the girl next to me turned to me and said "Why is she here? Is she part of our group?" I replied excitedly, "Do you think she's a ghost? Do you think we're the only ones that can see her???"....and got a pretty strange look in return.


4) I almost had a rage stroke when I found out that not only was the crappy replacement Ruby going to hang around for a while (come back, blonde Ruby!) but that Sam married her in real life. IS THEIR BABY HALF DEMON??? REALITY MAKES NO SENSE.

(note: I'm only up to almost the end of season 4 so no spoilers please! but I'll happily discuss any other indepth analysis of plot points. Will Sam stop drinking demon blood? I hope not, because I like his powers! Will Dean be okay (obviously he will be). Who gets married in the teaser tag I saw for a season 8 episode when it says they're preparing for a Winchester wedding?? Why do I torture myself for reading those? Will I ever actually like Castiel enough to understand all the slash fic with him and Dean (I hope so, because hell, I'd read that))

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