I read Claire’s post about wanting to be greyed and that she wrote 7 posts in 7 hours. All on the Olympics then was made to feel bad about it.

I saw that this morning and have been upset since. She did NOTHING wrong. She was sharing her love for the Olympics with everyone and wrote a post on each event and what they meant.

I have been here since 2011 or early 2012 and went through what Claire went through. It hurt me to the core. It so reminded me of what I went through and I never forgot and came close to leaving. If you want to post for each sport that’s fine. Scroll button exists for a reason. Scrolling is far better then making you or anyone feel silenced or to made to feel bad for their enthusiasm.

People come to GT for various reasons during these years there is one constant theme of why. People simply come here to connect with others in one of the safest places in the internet for not being cussed out or attacked. I am one of those who come here to connect with folks.

To see “stop having so many posts” unless its a deliberate flood to disrupt like when one person in 2012 did by making a post about each Pokemon writing 7 posts or even 10 in a space of 7 hours because they are enthused or simply want to connect with people let’s not attack. Its wrong.

I felt in 2012 unwanted and felt like I was being told to shut up. I just wanted to share and connect I think it was 7 posts in five hours. Let’s face it there are days in which 6 posts of mine are on the front page when we go through slow posting cycles.


Maybe that’s I why limit my posts to 3 sometimes at most 5 every 24 hours. I should not feel that way.

I recall we had in 2012 about 3 pages of posts a day now its about a page every 30 hours although with the Olympic posts it feels like its 2012 again. You do not know how happy I am about it.

I mever really got over what happened in 2012 I still fear “you post too much” post.


No one though should be made to feel unwelcome. Claire should never have made to feel defensive or worse bad for her enthusiasm. To me its repeating what happened to me. I never ever wanted to see it repeated yet it is. It saddens me beyond belief. She should never have been made to feel like she had to apologize. I remember doing the other exact same thing and it felt like and it still feels like I was apologizing for trying to connect with people no one should ever have to apologize for trying to connect simply due to wanting to share their feelings and wanting to connect.

Claire I feel so sorry for this. You have every right to share your enthuiasm and I feel awful this happened to you like it did to me. It should never have.

We Are A Welcoming Community. I take that 100 percent to heart. Share your thoughts and feelings. Never feel ashamed to connect, never feel ashamed or shy to post your feelings or wanting to share your enthusiam. This is what being a welcoming community means. We may disagree with your post but squashing enthusiasm never its contrary to what we stand for.