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We are in NYC!

The cats cried a bit in the uber on the way to the airport, but then not again until we were in an uber on the way to the airbnb. I was stunned - they were so good and calm - such good little troopers. I am extremely exhausted from moving and packing and worrying! My last night in Chicago, all of my furniture was gone, so I slept on a towel on the floor. Both girls slept with me on the towel. :) When we got to the airbnb, they both hid under the bed. My friend and I had dinner with my postdoc mentor, and by the time we got “home” the cats were ready to come out!

We rode the subway and walked around a bit, had a tasty dinner (but my salad was quite small, so I wasn’t really full). And now we are home - I hope to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a long time. Tomorrow I have a day of meetings with my mentor at the University. I’m pretty excited!!


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