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We are in waist deep poop when a Conservative says "this will be remembered as the era of cruelty"

I was watching Nicole Wallace on MSNBC and one of her panelists was a conservative whom I do not trust Charlie Sykes. Well I distrust all conservatives although I suspect Ana Navarro and Nicole Wallace have.morals. Although if Jeb won I am sure I would dislike both.

Anyways Charlie Sykes said this era will be remembered as the “era of cruelty” sorry this shows how far to the right Trump and Sessions are. Plus Stephen Miller.

Although there is nothing conservative what Trump is doing. Fiscal conservatives would want to spend as little as possible and with oversight, libertarians would see immigration as a plus for how it helpsthe economy, business conservatives would ally with libertarians. The only ones for this would be white nationals and their kindred bigots many of them on the government dole.

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