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We are such a bunch of suckers...

... and every stray in town knows it! This little darlin’ found us last night, about 1am. She just marched right into the garage while Housemate was sitting out there and made herself at home.

We took her to a local animal shelter to find out if she was microchipped, and it turns out that she is, but they couldn’t get ahold of an actual person at the chip company. So, tomorrow, I’ll try again, and we’ll see if we can track down her owners. (In the event that we can’t, we have a new cat. Not going to leave her at a shelter.)


She’s currently residing in the downstairs bathroom, exchanging yowls and under-the-door paw-bats with my Sam-cat. The dog and the other 2 cats are fairly uninterested in her.

She’s a total sweetheart, loves being petted and picked up, and has a purr that shakes her whole skinny little body! No fleas or ear mites, and her fur is in pretty good condition, she’s just very, very thin.

If we keep her, I’m naming her Chatty, because she is VERY talkative.

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