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We Are Truly Living in "Idiocracy"

Bravo is set to debut a new show called "The People's Couch." Imma let that soak in for a few minutes...

Yeah. Here's the premise:

"Get cozy as a full season of The People's Couch begins Monday, March 10 at 11:30/10:30 c. The People's Couch enters the living rooms of households and films real people including some Bravolebrities watching and commenting on popular shows and news from the past week. The half-hour, unscripted series delivers the buzziest watercooler moments of the television season by showcasing avid TV watchers in their homes, as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp, and scream at their TVs. Each diverse group of viewers will bring their hilarious, unique commentary about TV's hottest moments to the small screen."


So...we're watching people watch teevee. Are we that desperate for programming? I mean, really? And, believe me, I'm not one of those tv snobs who poo-poos contemporary programming and waxes nostalgic over Magnum P.I., Moonlighting, or any of the other top-notch dramatic scripted programs of the past. I'm down for some Real Housewives of Orange Atlanta City Hills. I'll take the trashy teevee shows, and enjoy the fuck out of 'em. But this? This is too far. Too. Far.

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