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We come in peace - Star Trek: Discovery

I actually renewed my Netflix account just for this show, because despite every pessimistic critic out there it sounded like a lot I love about this fandom.

One thing I never really “got” was the love for everything Klingon (minus Martok, he is awesome). So imagine my surprise when I realized that I found them actually interesting after the pilot.
I hope they didn’t pure all their money into those two episodes and left something for the rest, because everything looked positively stunning and gorgeous and wouldn’t have felt out of place on a big screen.

Things I loved: The title sequence, all the scenes between Burnham and Georgiou, the space scenes, the beacon, the atmosphere, the joy of watching new Star Trek that felt like Star Trek (yes, I love ENT, never cared for the new movies)
Things I disliked: Maybe the stilted Klingon dialogues and random Sarek, but all in all, not much

The interesting thing is that those 2 episodes might have set up the new series and the overall narrative frame work , but the rest won’t have much in common with them considering we havn’t met the Discovery yet. So I’ll be curious about episode 3 and how they’ll progress from what happened in the pilot. So far I’m very much hooked.


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