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We did it! A decision was reached!

And thanks in part to the GREAT group of people at OppoLock (Thanks to Cajun Ginger for sharing to oppo! Because they were INCREDIBLY helpful)...

Behold, my new car:


I am so happy with this choice I can barely stand it!

My other front-runner was a Mercedes C250 (aka a Baby-Cedes) and the decision was, in a nutshell, agonizing, even though both of these are what I thought I didn't want - a 4cylinder turbo. Then I drove them. And wow. Want-want-wantity-want-want-want. They also had exactly what I did want - 2012, under 20k miles and under $30k. (The Audi is actually a hair over that, but they gave us more for our trade - an '05 GMC Denali suv - than expected, by about $2,500.)

So it was tough until I really started thinking about what "I" want, not what the neighbors would envy more, then the choice was clear ;) (We've established I do have a tiny bit of "jerkoff" to me, right? So, yeah.) AND the Audi's scheduled maintenance is free for the next 40 thousand miles, so that's kind of a no-brainer. Also, they offered financing that was great, we jumped on it.

Right now I'm most excited about the 30mpg/highway, since we live in a rural area and roughly 95% of our driving is highway.


Annnnnd, the trip to DFW was fantastic. We were smart and came home Sunday, took the time to make sure we didn't buy something out of new car fever, and drove back yesterday to get it. I am a very, very happy Aunt 'Ye right now.

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