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I don't know what's going on with our upstairs neighbors

But boyfriend just called the cops on them.

We have heard them fighting with some regularity since the day they moved in. At least once a week we'll hear the woman shouting loudly (on occasion also the man), there's stomping, there's banging and in general a bad time is had by all. This usually goes on for 10/15 minutes, sometimes dying down for a bit and then it starts up again for a while.

(For reference I feel I have to mention these appartments are very well isolated. Unless someone is drilling in the walls or has a kickass sound system turned up to 100, we don't hear a peep from our neighbors.)


This morning boyfriend thought he overheard her shouting "Open the door, it's cold!" which might mean she was screaming on the top of her lungs from the balcony. And it IS cold out right now. So he called in that he thought there might be a case of domestic violence and he'd overheard the woman say that. He was scared the man might have locked her out onto the balcony. They'd send someone over.

In our last home our neighbors next door had a similar situation. I could hear the man shouting, things were falling, she was crying. I didn't call it in because the advice website said "unless you know for sure, you might make a bad situation worse". A few weeks later the cops showed up, another incident had happened landing someone in the hospital and he now had a restraining order. I still feel guilty and tried to tell them every detail I remembered.

I don't know what's going on with them upstairs, but I'm really glad boyfriend called this in.

ETA: I just heard a lot of loud stomping sounds, screaming and crying. I hope we didn't make this thing worse..

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