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My best and dearest friend just sent me this email. When she tried to have get hair cut last fall at a barbershop, she got rejected because she's a woman.

"Hello my beloved friends,

I wanted to update you all on a situation that occurred right around thanksgiving, when I was refused service at Dapper barbershop for being a woman. The reason for me sharing is because I met with a reporter and shared the story with them this morning. I am not usually one to make a fuss publicly and wasn't planning on it until I was contacted. Since it happened and is now being brought up again I am finding my feelings for what happened growing stronger and making me frustrated. below are my notes I brought and the details of the story. its a ramble of thoughts but see what you think. The article as of right now is planning on being ran Sunday. I will keep you all updated. I know you are all passionate about discrimination and "girl power ;) " so i wanted to share the experience.


What happened :

"I was attending a black tie charity event and needed a hair cut. My stylist moved out of state and I was in search of a new one, so I asked my girlfriend where should I go. She told me she heard of a new trendy barber shop downtown called Dapper that I should try. I told her that I didn't think barbershops would cut a woman's hair. She said "of course they do tons of women go to barbershops, besides the style you want is basically a men's cut anyway". So we called on speakerphone, and asked if they would do a men's cut on a woman they said no. We asked specified that it was a men's cut not a women's they laughed and said no we don't service because we are trying to create a certain atmosphere for men and it would be opening a can of worms that would make our men uncomfortable. So I hung up so through asking around I found Moda and they were so awesome and made me feel comfortable after telling the stylist what happened that I tipped him 20 bucks."

Why it bothered me

" it bothered me because honestly I just wanted my haircut. Something simple that everyone does on a regular basis. I mean I am human and I do care about my appearance. It was a simple hair cut they made it an issue and by how they declined my business by saying my presence would make a group of men so uncomfortable they couldn't spend 20-30 mins in the same room with me while I got my hair cut. I don't understand what the big deal is"

" I didn't file a complaint or put it on social media because I ended up getting my hair cut and found a great new salon lthat I go to once a month and moved on. I of course discussed it with friends at the time because that's what you do when you get horrible service somewhere. I feel like the dollar speaks louder and by me taking my business elsewhere and having friends not go there it will cause a impact. Word of mouth and reputation is powerful in business. I have even had a few friends start going to Moda to get their hair done because of the great service i got I have worked in customer service for over 12 years, I would be horrified and offended if I heard an employee disrespecting a customer in that way. "

Yelp ( the reason news-leader found out)
I don't yelp.
I was at a dinner party and was telling a friend who lives in Vegas what happened and they didn't believe me because it is against the law where she's from and was appalled that this discrimination happened and felt so strong by it she yelped it. She is also in the service industry and is also passionate about customer service Since she yelped the complaint about Dapper and friends of dapper have replied to her complaint and made it a bigger issue. They even called her out and made it personal...it wasn't even her experience. Dapper is making this personal and an issue, They have also since changed the wording on their site and fb calling themselves a gentlemens establishment. They are a public business had it been a mens only barber private club (like say curves) I would have not even tried to go there."

Not that it matters, but my friend has worn her hair the way Bierber's hair was when he first emerged, but she's had the style for ten years.

This will be published in our conservative-ass town's newspaper, "The Newsleader." This is Springfield, Missouri. For those of you unfamiliar with anything Missouri, that's Brad Pitt's hometown, the third largest Missouri city.

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