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We Found a Venue!

We found an awesome venue, which just PROVES that laziness and procrastination will end up with great things just falling into your lap!

I had been lazily searching the web for and emailing wedding venues but everywhere is too expensive and/or won't let you bring in your own vendors (which is a dealbreaker for us, since my fiancé is in the food/beverage industry and we're not eating some shitty generic catering food!). So then we were hunting for just warehouses or big open spaces and going to have a "cool wedding." Then I got fed up because the neighborhoods were all too murdery* so I just kind of quit.


THEN my friend met someone who works for a historic house downtown I'd never even heard of, the price is literally half of the cheapest price I found in that neighborhood, they let you use all your own vendors, and it'll be perfect.

WIN. So I AM going to get married, after all!

*I am used to murdery - what I didn't want to do was invite people into town and make them park and walk around in a neighborhood that they don't feel comfortable with, so we were going to shuttle people...egh.

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