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We got a dog!

After all the fretting, after all the questions, we finally had our interview today. I’d half-convinced myself that they were going to turn us down. Maybe we weren’t 100% dog-ready, or my kids acted up, or my husband said something that made them think he was going to use the dog for bait. But that didn’t happen!


The volunteer showed up on time. We chatted about 100% non-dog related things, and then she asked to see where I worked (which is where the dog would be most of the time). We came back upstairs, talked about the dog a bit, and then she pulled out the paperwork for the two-week trial.

My husband tells me that I was practically vibrating the second the papers came out. I couldn’t sign that shit fast enough. We get to pick our dog up on Saturday!

My kids, I was about to send off with the SPCA woman, I swear. A week of telling them to behave when she came over apparently didn’t sink in. They’re normally shy and quiet around strangers, but something about her lead them to believe that they could just be their weird selves. My daughter did hand-stands on the couch. My son had verbal diarrhea. I was sweating bullets that they’d do or say something that would keep us from getting a dog.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well. The kids are giddy, we dropped a ton of money at Unleashed, and I’m still walking around and giggling about the fact that, come 12:30 on Saturday, we’ll have a dog.


And look! Here he is! LOOK AT HIS LITTLE TONGUE!

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