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I know, it doesn’t sound like that big a deal BUT I’ve been looking for a rug for over a year. Everyone has gone rug shopping with me at least once over the last 15 months and poor Homey’s gone innumerable times. And they’ve all started making fun of me (I’m sensitive about colors, guys—hypersensitive) and telling me my rug doesn’t exist. Well, they can all SUCK IT because I FOUND MY RUG.

Ignore the squalor and revel in its beauty! I don’t know if the picture shows it but it has a lovely corally-pink (the color I wanted) and a muted blue that looks great with our chairs. It’s the right size and low pile, so our naughty cat won’t claw it. It’s soft and it was only $200!!


We still need a coffee table and appropriate window treatments and lamps and art... ok, ok, but we have a rug!

Do you remember on The Office when Phyllis finally gets to be Santa and she cries, saying, “It’s been a long journey”? That’s what I feel like right now!

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