Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We got the house! & OT!

Thanks everyone for keeping your fingers crossed last Friday! IT WORKED!
Friday morning we looked at the house, at noon we sent the papers and in the afternoon we got the okay. Yesterday we went over to the realtor to sign the contracts & get our keys and on Tuesday we’re moving into our lovely new home! 😁

I’m so excited I can’t even deal with it! Tonight we’re going over there with some twinkle lights and cooking ourselves pancakes for dinner as our first night in the house together ✨


And allow me to explain my odd excitement regarding the floor.. (I was tickled by everyone’s comments mentioning my happiness that *it had a floor!!* 😂) Most rental apartments in my town don’t necessarily have a floor in it. In fact it’s only since a year or two that renovated rental places have floors laid there by the realtor. Most cases you need to buy/bring and lay your own floor. (laminate usually, or whatever you want) Our apartment has beautiful wooden floors 😍

Hopefully my health will get a chance to recover there too. I’ve been exhausted to the point of calling in sick most of this week again (I also assume that this is because I’m weaning myself off my stomach acid medication, which will be a good thing I hope). I’m a bit scared about surviving the upcoming week: packing, I’ve invited friends over for christmas eve because I’m a crazy person (take out and gaming, so I won’t have to do too much), big dinner on sunday (gotta cook 1 course for that) and boobieguy’s birthday on monday with loads of people on the other side of the country (I hope he likes his gift! 😱) and moving the day after. But we’ll be getting plenty of help and support so that’s great 😊
We also saw a specialist this week who said that my exhaustion, nausea and weight loss can’t possibly be caused by the hiatus hernia so I’m going to be pooping in a jar everyone! I mean, that is obviously far more exciting than the whole house business could ever be. 💩


How are you all doing today? Open Thread y’all! 

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