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We got the place! (Help me decorate!)

The one I liked with the little sunroom off of one of the bedrooms! He’s adding a written addendum allowing me to have a portable dishwasher!

Now it’s time I think of decorating ideas! The apartment has an open concept straight from the kitchen, through a central dining type space, to the living room and all of the areas are about the same size. The bathroom is cute but small, so there’s no way we’re going to fit all of the cosmetics and skincare of two women in there. There are two rooms, and GC said that since they’re about the same size, I can just take the one adjacent to the sunroom and make it my home office.


Y’all. The people currently living there don’t use the sunroom at all. They have their giant bed in that room, and to further block it they put a chair in front of the door to balance a dehumidifier. The sunroom is totally empty, they didn’t even try! Why have this happy little warm space and not utilize it?

So I need suggestions! The sunroom is the same size as the one in the picture (thanks for the scale, dog!) and my office/guest room will be right next to it. Also, I think we’re gonna need a Sephora cabinet somewhere. Thoughts?

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