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We had a great Saturday.

We went to the Dallas Museum of Art to meet up with people and walk through the Cindy Sherman exhibit. We were warned about the "adult content" room. I stuck my head in, determined that nothing was really sexual graphic (it's just anatomy. and it's really fake anatomical models at that.), and walked through with my young teenagers. My daughter agreed that it wasn't the big deal everyone was making it out to be. My son asked if we could leave and go to Half Priced Books.

Walked through the European section so I could visit the Magritte's (only Light of Coincidence was out.) We walked through the Japanese section (it was mostly put up as they are putting out new works on Monday.) They moved the Frida Kahlo painting we've been saying hi to all Spring on the way out.

We then went across the street and I bought my daughter a "Slap yo Momma Chocolate" cupcake from the Trailer Cake food truck. we walked around the park while she ooohed and ahhed over it. She lamented not taking a picture first so she coudl brag to her friends.


We went to Half Priced books where we each found something cool for a dollar.

We went to Company Cafe where we had a wonderful lunch. (Gluten free Chicken Fried Steak with creamy jalapeño-honey gravy! The boy had an excellent GF Cheeseburger and fries.) Lunch was slightly marred when I told my daughter she was probably going to have to ride the bus home from summer school (She's taking an all day class for 3 weeks to help her prepare for taking college level classes when she starts her Freshman year in August.) She was getting upset and I said something about her being able to drive to school in a couple of years and that made it worse. She's anxious about riding the bus because she's never done that before, and she's more even anxious about learning to drive because cars are kind of big and dangerous. She was on the verge of tears trying to explain that to me. I told her if she never learns to drive she's going to have to ride the bus a lot, and she threw her hands in the air and said, "Arrghhh, conundrum!" The hostess say her being distressed and brought her crayons and coloring pages of Shredder and a Foot Soldier. Poor thing. I felt horrible for upsetting her.

Since we've been home, I've been cleaning. We have our two cats and we are dog-sitting my parent's rat terrier/chihuahua. If I sit down, the dog jumps in my lap, the big cat comes and sits as close as he can to me, and the little cat wants to join, but is scared of the little dog. So little cat gets about 2 feet from us and poses really big and growls and hisses. I guess he's trying to scare the dog away, but she is unimpressed. Today is hot, they are too dramatic, and I really don't want them all on me. I think I'm going to vacuum now and see what kind of chaos that causes.

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