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We Have a Kramer

How do you tell someone to stop coming over without implying you don't like them anymore?

The Monarch has a good friend — he was our Best Man, in fact — who moved to our city a little over a year ago. He's a great guy (no, really) but he's developed this horrible, Kramer-esque habit of just showing up at our house. With no warning. Like four times a week.


He hasn't made a lot of not-work friends and while he's dated a long lineup on OKC, nothing has panned out longterm. I know he's lonely and bored. I feel guilty about him being lonely and bored... We encouraged him to move here for a "change of scenery" and because we encouraged I feel obligated to set him up socially. But that's a crazy feeling, right? Like, there's no way we can set him up socially.

(Plus, we got burned the one time we set him up with a mutual friend. It didn't work out and it made things SO AWKWARD.)

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