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We have a WINNAH! NomNom83 come on down.

BumbleBeaver's latest update suggests that MEB and UHG Hit It after he Quit It WITH A PROBABLY FAKE FETUS STORY on Thursday, October 2nd after work. This can't be verified to Price & Waterhouse Standards because for some reason BumbleBeaver didn't want to know the sweaty details of their reignited, undeniable passion. Although nothing goes better with Excel than the details of ill-advised sexytimes with utter narcissists.


This means NomNom83 is our 2nd winner, but we have to give OrdinaryLove some serious props for suggesting the 1st winning category and coming within HOURS of winning this one. You guys clearly have deep insight into selfish entitlement. I must confess I have nothing to give you other than the respect of all Oh Honey No followers and Tom Hiddleston's Forever-Love. (He's gonna fondle you like that weird award.)

As the winners walk back to their seats amidst the scowls of the losers, let's reflect on what we learned from this last update:

—having UHG pay attention to you might be worse than having her obliviously ignore you—just ask Mr. Beaver.


—having an affair while not on birth control proves the depth of your love and shows that medical school does a lot less to help MDs make good decisions than many of us assumed.

—Adding dogs to a small house containing a rocky marriage and 2 wee (but totes brilliant) children is probably the best way to save a marriage.


—(ETA) If you are having sex that your friend has advised you against, make sure you give her all the details. You never know what spreadsheets are in the works.

For those of you just catching up, here's the pool. There are many categories left (although I suspect renewing her "relationship" w/ MEB makes #11 less likely)


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