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"We have always fought: challenging the 'women, cattle and slaves' narrative". A fabulous essay by Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley just won a Hugo for this essay which was published in the (also Hugo winning fanzine) A Dribble of Ink.


It talks about our preconceptions of women's roles in war and elsewhere, and how the preconceptions belie the reality. She is writing from an authorial perspective, so her focus is on the writing process, but she veers into other territory too, and touches on how easy it is to "other" women, and people of different ethnicities and cultures than one's own.

So; have some women warriors:

The Night Witches; Soviet pilots from WWII. Universally feared by the Germans. They would shut off their engines so they could silently bomb targets.

The Mino; an all-female militia of Dahomey, now Benin


Las Soldaderas; soldiers of the Mexican Revolution


And a llama (cue screeching sound). Yes, she talks about llamas, but not our usual llamas; she uses them as a metaphor at the beginning, so keep reading.

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