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We have arrived!!

So Sgt BF and I made it to Virginia! We drove up on Thursday and stayed at the Holiday Inn on Ft. Belvoir, the movers came yesterday morning and unpacked our large stuff (furniture, TV, bedrooms). He unpacked the living room and I unpacked the kitchen last night. Things are coming together! We live in a cute little complex in Woodbridge, so it's awesome; the kids were Trick-or-Treating last night, so we met some of the neighbors who seem really nice. But most importantly, GT — my kitchen has such space!! There's so much cabinetry that I can't currently even fill it. And there's a pantry! And the balcony gets great sun (which is nice for my herbs!). I'm a happy camper, Sgt Bf is a happy camper, and all in all there are no complaints. So how are you lovely folks doing? Also, BEHOLD MY LOVELY KITCHEN!! (Disclaimer: this was taken when I was still unpacking. Forgive my squalor.)

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