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Welcome To The Bitchery

We have some fabric wizards here, right?

I own this dress:

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I love it more than I loved anything I’ve ever owned. I want to wear it every day forever and ever. However, I got it to wear to my sister’s wedding, and potentially the wedding of a friend of mine about a month later. As the date gets closer and closer, I’m thinking that if it’s possible, I should dye it. Maybe light blue, which would turn the coral lavender? I’m nervouse about the white, what with it being a wedding and all. But I don’t want to get another dress. Because I’m in LOVE with this dress. And a wedding is pretty much the only event I will ever have that’s formal enough for something like this. Does anyone know if dying this would be at all a possiblity. This is a link to where I bought it from, only in Navy, I guess because the Coral version is sold out. But the info on the materials it’s made of should all be the same. Can I dye this, and is it as simple as buying RIT dye and following the instructions on the box?

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