When I said Mr. Moxie and I were making the Sliding Spice Rack of my Pinterest dreams, I was asked to post when we finished. Here is the post that first made me want this.

Mr. Moxie did the building and I was in charge of the paint. Luckily there were 2 cans the same color as our kitchen cabinets stuck out in the garage when we moved in.

And here it is installed in my kitchen

Mr Moxie actually added the rail to the top so that it would stay up against the pantry. He may put another rail lower because the bottom seems to drift. I think it’s fine. We used more pine instead of Dowel rods because dowel rods are expensive.

It is a double pinterest win because, I took these painting instructions and put them to work on the back. Did you know that you could get sample of almost any color at the hardware store? Looking at the jars, you can’t tell that I used any of the green or purple.


My husband now wants to make something else, but I don’t think he knows what, yet. We have 2 dressers to sand down and a dressing table to repair, but I don’t think that will be the same.


I also ordered mini-bats from WallsNeedLove.com. It was a buy one get one weekend (thank you, whoever posted that). I decided the master bathroom was the perfect place for them. 144 mini-bat wall decals will only get you so far. I went up the wall behind the bathtub and across the ceiling to the fan (Yes, there is a ceiling fan in my bathroom.)


I didn’t tell Mr. Moxie that this was happening and he said he was pretty amused when he saw it after I left for work this morning. He also said that I will probably get tired of it and that he would have had them coming from behind the toilet. Maybe if they have another sale, I will make that happen.

Anyone else working on their environment?