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Since moving into our house in September 2015, we have found that Mr. Moxie likes to build and restore things and I have always known I like to paint things.

You may recall the rolling spice storage or the other bedroom furniture.

Here is the newest addition to my bedroom furniture: a bedside table. The first picture is of it on the kitchen table and the second is after I used a dolly to wheel it into the bedroom. Seriously a big stack of books is kind of heavy.


My husband has had a nice bedside table for years. We found a table carved with a dragon from one piece of wood. We could only afford one at the time.

We got the idea from one of Aurelio Voltaire’s Gothic Homemaking videos.

The part with the table starts at 8:12. The video should start at just the right spot. We passed on the skulls of our enemies and the ouija board. It is painted in the same colors as the other furniture we have restored for the bedroom. In case you need your memory jogged I’m putting pictures below (because I know I made a post, but it’s not easily found.)


When I saw the video, I showed it to Mr. Moxie and said, this is what I want, but different. I had found some old dictionaries and was gathering other books when, overnight while I slept, he built a base. It was the same size as one of the dictionaries and he was using plain rounded wood trimaround the edges. It wasn’t what I wanted. It looked very utilitarian and not elegant like I wanted. So the next Saturday I made a map of thrift stores and went looking for picture frames and at the second place I stopped I found the square ones that are on the top and base. So Mr. Moxie had to recut plywood to match those and he mounted a new pipe and fittings. I spent Saturday evening painting books. The outsides are Valspar bread basket and the pages were painted with acrylic copper. It’s a little redder than the Rustolium Hammered Copper I used on teh other furniture, so I sprayed the frames with what was left of the last can of Rustoleum and the went over it with the acrylic paint to shift the tone. It’s close enough that you don’t notice when they are across the room from one another.

About half way through painting the books I was like, “Paint books Voltaire said. It’ll be fun he said...” Mr. Moxie laughed and said that was how he felt drilling holes through the books.


There is currently a hole in the center of the top. I’ve been playing with the idea of using a car charger housing and wiring it to plug into the wall. Then I could plug the table into the wall and use a short cord to plug my phone into the table. Mr. Moxie is crap with soldering, but I think I might give it a try. I think I’m more dexterious than he is. He has trigger finger and his hands get very stiff because of it. Or he may make a new top and have the wire come out through a channel and be mounted to the bottom of the table. We are playing around with ideas.

Either way, I no longer charge my phone or lay my glasses on a card board box, so I am thrilled. Mini Moxie called it gaudy compared to the rest of the house. When I pointed out that it matched my bedroom furniture, she did agree. I think it made her afraid of what I would do to the rest of the house if I had the budget.


He did go ahead and finish out the first table he started. I’m not sure if he wants me to paint books for it or not.


Maybe now I’ll be able to concentrate on those Tank Girl boots I started.

What are you up to GT?

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