Six months after Mr. Peachy and I got hitched, one of our good friends moved in with us. It's a long story, and not mine to tell (short story: divorce). At the time, we had no idea how long this living arrangement would last. That was over two years ago.

It worked out amazingly well. If anyone had to move in with us, I would pick this particular person. I was thinking it over earlier, and what few problems arose during this time had nothing to do with this person, just with the fact there was a third person living with us (if that makes any sense). It was mostly awkward when Mr. Peachy and I would get in a fight, which thankfully does not happen very often.

He moved out with his very nice new ladyfriend this weekend and I am very happy for them. I'm also happy for me, because now I can be pantless and have loud sex IN ALL THE PLACES. And if grad school starts to make me cry (because...grad school) and Mr. Peachy is in the living room with friend and his lady friend, I don't have to cry in front of them because that is pretty weird.

In conclusion: YAY!!!!!!