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We May Have A New Winner

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Up until now, Yahoo has been #1 in my book for terrible commenters. Seriously, for your mental health, do not read any comments on Yahoo about black people, gay people, guns, or Obama. But after reading the comments on the Seattle Times Lindy West article, I may have to declare a new winner. Almost every single comment is vile. Let me give you the run down:

It's okay that Paula Deen used the N word because rappers use it all the time, she is terrible for being fat, though. Something nonsensical about the South.


Obamao is destroying America (this is new one, I've heard Obummer, Obozo, Obomber.)

Liberals want Sarah Palin to be raped and love Alec Baldwin.

Some guy's wife can be made happy if he buys her some new oven mitts, because she's happy being a woman. Unlike angry feminists like Lindy West.


If fat people do not like fat jokes, they should get on the treadmill. They should also stay off the beach so no one has to look at them.

Iran and sodomy.

Etc. Etc. You get the picture.

Congrats Seattle Times commenters, you win the worst people on the internet award!



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