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Welcome To The Bitchery
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We moved into our new apartment! (update)

We had the big moving day with friends yesterday and today was a “get the last of the stuff out of our old apartments” and IKEA day. The place is currently a bit of a disaster zone, but it’s home! And I like it so much more now that we’re moved in and have our stuff in it. I was a little bit worried when it was empty that our bedroom might be a little smaller than I’d thought, but I think rooms weirdly enough look smaller without furniture in them. There’s just no sense of scale, you know?

And it turns out it does have heating! I don’t know what the previous tenants were thinking because it clearly has a heater (and a pretty nice one, too) in each room. And thank god, because it is freezing in LA right now. Okay, not freezing. But definitely cold enough that I was getting pretty worried about the idea of not having heating. But we do!


Anyways, we are totally exhausted and I’m not entirely sure how we’re going to get unpacked before the Constable’s family comes to visit for Christmas, or before my friend is coming to stay with us for New Year’s (so we REALLY need to get unpacked), but we’re so so happy to be living together. It’s kind of surreal, but mostly just super awesome. I can walk around naked whenever I want!

Edit: I’m still super excited and all, but our Ikea dresser definitely had one of its boxes mislabeled so now we have a whole BUNCH of wood, but no rails, knobs or screws. So this is going to be interesting...

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