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Welcome To The Bitchery
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We Need Playground Equipment!-FINAL REPOST

We did it! Thanks so much to all the donators and sharers!

Hey guys. My new school just moved locations and somehow alllll of the PE equipment disappeared during the move.


We have been looking for about 6 weeks and have finally given up. (Real talk: The only logical thing that might have happened is that someone stole it.)

This is unfortunate because our new location used to be a high school, so there is no playground equipment like monkey bars or slides. So we are sharing just a few balls among 6 grades. Our kids have nothing to do.


Another teacher started a Donorschoose campaign to get new stuff and any donations would be appreciated.

Remember, this isn’t my campaign, so they’ll not know who AskimBenim is.

Also: It’s tax-deductible.

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