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We Need To Boycott W.E.B. Griffin Novels Cowritten By His Son William E Butterworth

I noticed at the grocery store a W.E.B. Griffin novel cowritten by William E Butterworth IV (his dad is WEB Griffin real name William E Butterworth III). I looked at back page and Butterworth IV is a Lifetime Member of the NRA and belongs to Texas Rifle Association. Which means his membership dues goes towards blocking laws the even remotely put brakes on the firepower in guns. The NRA as we recall blamed videogames for the Sandy Hook Massacre and has since the Las Vegas shooting fought against Bump Stocks. Remember their connection with Gun Industry whose stocks and profits jump everytime there is a massacre.

So if you have these books already well finish them if you must but they should be put in trash after. Do not buy these books even used. Most certainly not new. If you get a book as a gift read it if you must but after in the trash. Thank the giver but also explain who the son is and what he belongs to.

We need to hurt these people where it hurts the wallet. Now his father wrote books alone for decades they seem mainly historical. I tried one WW2 novel and bored after 50 pages. I have no idea if they are historically accurate minus the characters or as historical as Bodice Rippers from the 70s and 80s.


We need to treat members of the NRA like we do KKK and Neonazis members. NRA members may be not racists or Nazi but they are part of an organization that is complicit in the gun culture today let’s face it promotes and created much of it and worse profits off it especially when the blood of innocents are shed. They need to be shunned totally.

This is also why I will never watch anything Tom Selleck is in and I used to like him preNRA days.

Lesson always check the biography of writers you read. Its more important then ever today.


Here is the cover of the book I saw.

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