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We need to talk about Sons of Anarchy.

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So my boyfriend (yes, we're still together; yes, I'm weak) and I really like watching TV together. We tend to bounce around quite a lot, which is fine as neither of us has much of an attention span. Last night he suggested watching SOA, which was cool with me. I'm open to anything.


Okay, first of all...these people are all vile. I can watch shows and movies with unredeemable characters, but this for whatever reason seems excessive. And I can't entirely pinpoint why. My boyfriend seems to glamorize it a little bit—he's all about "honor."

I've only seen the first three episodes, so maybe it will grow on me. This isn't an adverse reaction to "lower class" people, I grew up totally blue collar in a hillbilly town full of truckers and bikers. Which brings me to my second issue—how can SO MUCH crazy shit happen in a town that's supposed to mimic Redding? This is my hood, and it just seems totally unrealistic. But then, TV shows are, right? So what's my problem with this one? Someone help me analyze this!

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