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We've made it back!

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We’re back in the US of A! It’s so nice to be back, even with the political shitshow. We have some awesome animals because between the dog and 2 cats, they have all adjusted to 39 hours of travel through 3 countries, an airBNB in one, a hotel in DC and now an RV in another state with great ease. They’re troopers.


We’re here with my family for another few more days before we begin our ‘vacation’ weeks on the gulf coast and time with BellaFella’s family. The menagerie will go to a kennel in the local area that is much cheaper than DC and will be well taken care of. My vet tech step-sister will be able to come pick any of them up if there’s an issue.

This whole ‘home leave’ thing has shown me one very important thing: I know why people get a house to use just for home leave. Especially with the large amount of stuff, it would be nice to have a true place to base out of. A place where you’re not couch surfing for a month with animals or children. Because we have 4 suitcases and backpacks, there’s almost no room to actually relax in the RV.

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