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We realized this week that

my daughter is a little colorblind.

I bought her this hoodie 4-6 weeks ago. Hoodies were onsale and when she picked it out I asked if she could get away with wearing that one at school. They have uniforms and baby blue is not an acceptable color. She was like, "yeah, not a problem."

Fast forward to this week. She's been wearing it for several weeks. She's had a VP say it wasn't in dress code and I think she just gave him the 1000 yard stare and moved on. She's a good, smart, funny kid and she gets a lot of slack for not making trouble. Then at lunch this week one of her friends asks her how she gets away with wearing a blue hoodie. What? Blue? She thought the hoodie was grey.


I downloaded an app and watched her go through a colorblindness test. She can't see light blues at all. They just look grey. She can see darker blues enough to know what blue is. She hesitated at blue greens, but could concentrate enough to make out the shapes hidden among the greys. Brighter greens she could see. I have a FB friend that I made while playing games years ago who is a optician and says that's blue-yellow colorblindness and most
optometrists only test for red-green. I called ours and that is the case with them. Not that they would tell us anything that we haven't already figured out.

Yesterday, when I picked her up, I asked her what color the sky was. It was bright and there were wispy clouds, but it was blue out. She said it was grey. She also said that she remembered being confused in kindergarten because she never thought the sky was blue. I guess it just never occurred to her to ask me about it. I drove her a little crazy with the what-color-do-you-see questions, but had her laughing, too.

Edited to add this:


She says that 08 and 09 look "fuzzy," 06 and 07 are fuzzy and grey-ish, from 5 down the colors are all grey. It's a very narrow spectrum of color that she isn't seeing. According to what I've read, this would be "Tritanomaly" because it only effects some of the blue and isn't effecting her ability to see yellow at all. She probably has some mutation causing less S cones or mutation in the S cones.

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