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We Saw The Movie State Fair

We saw it tonight on DVD. It was ok then we heard this jaw dropping song. This is the same musical team that gave us the song about prejudice being taught. It was from South Pacific also by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

This song in State Fair the 1962 version had this song. It is called Never Say No To A Man. The set up was this. The daughter around 18(?) told her mother she was going out with a friend but really went on a date with this reporter covering the State Fair. The reporter was played by Bobby Darin who was a 50s and 60s singer who died I believe late 30s from a bad heart. He is best known for Splish Splash. The daughter was played by Pamela Tiffin. I believe this was her biggest role then she did European fims.

So the daughter comes home saying she didn’t really want to see the reporter again because he kept wanting to kiss her. The mother already figured out she was lied to. The mother then sang this song to her daughter.

Now we had the words on. The dvd had an option for subtitles so we turned it on. My mother does not now have best hearing.


I said “Are you reading the words. Can you believe it?”.

She said “I was taught the same thing that’s what we were taught then. That’s why I tried never to say no to your father”.

She knows how bad that teaching is. He moved out when I was in 8th grade to be “free”. She is still angry about this almost 40 years later.

We then watched it through the end. She then said “The nuns taught us that if a boy was fresh it means we did something to cause it”.


She said this about the nuns saying this (1950s) many times and how wrong it was. That it was a horrible burden to put on the girls then.

Note “fresh” is a euphamism for sexual assault. I am not sure if the word fresh is still used in this context.


I hope this song is gone from any stage performances. Its cringingly bad.

This was our first time seeing State Fair. She wants to see the 1940s version but later on.


I do want to say as much as I dislike Pat Boone he was a fairly decent actor and singer. I liked him in this. Actually he and Ann Margeret were quite good in this. He was also good in Journey To The Center Of The Earth, the only great version. Boone showed more versatility in State Fair.

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