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We Saw Two Old Movies This Week Old As In pre1960s

We watched these over four nights. My mother tends to only like watching a movie on DVD for an hour at a time.

First movie spoilers first








Was a Bogart and Bacall movie The Big Sleep. We got super cheap in a thrift shop a 12 movie collection of Bogart movies. I wanted to see Key Largo but the DVD registered it as a bad DVD. Ugh.


I liked the mystery but I realize it was a drama mystery but god lord the lines were so corny. I know it was not for viewers then but it came out as more of a comedy today.

Now one scene I found gross but my mother said in those days it was considered romantic. Personally it reminded of the SNL sketch where a boyfriend could not chew food so his mother taught his girlfriend to chew his food then feed him like a mother bird to a young bird. Lauren Bacall was smoking a cigarette, which I think they did almost every scene and took it out of her mother and put it in his.


Also being in 2019 I kept mentally screaming to Bogart to stop touching everything in a house where you find a dead body. Also why aren’t you taking pictures with your cellphone? Then I realized oops wrong era.

One thing that struck me was the ages. Bacall was just 22 and Bogart 47 but if I did not know the ages going in I would have said mid30s and mid to late 50s for the two. Maybe it was makeup and lighting. They just looked far older then their ages.


Worth seeing? Yeah. Why? Bacall and Bogart together were great together. Witty banter but also how you had to figure out what her character was saying was it true, false or a mixture.

2. I love old musicals but except for the barn scene I hated this musical movie. The songs were bad, ok the choreography was fantastic but the songs no. The movie was 7 Brides for 7 Brothers.


Do theaters still put on this musical for the stage? I found it so questionable. Yes the brothers were absolutely ignorant but the kidnapping scene was so messed up. I also found it questionable how these women fell in love with them.

Yet most old musicals the characters tend to not be the smartest around but could no one do simplest math ? They were kidnapped at most five months but the pastor and other men believed a one month old had to be one of the kidnap victims baby. Did it look like a premature baby? Did they really think “oh a month old baby must have been born at four months, makes sense”.


Jane Powell was good as Adams wife played by Howard Keel but Keel was such a slimy guy for how he tricked her character into marrying him. He never mentioned he really needed her to cook, clean for himself and six brothers.

Don’t bother watching this. Watch The Collector with Samantha Eggar about a more realistic portrayal about what happens with a man kidnaps a woman in hopes of her falling in love with him. I saw this as a child with my late grandmother when it was on tv and it’s utterly disturbing. It’s a much better movie. 

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