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Today, my third snow day in the last seven days, I stayed home. Good, the streets still suck after last week's blizzard. But at least I was on land...

My neighbor just got back from a fishing trip. While we were digging out of our 1.5-2 feet of snow, they had 70mph winds and 35 foot seas. The picture above is of roughly 30ft seas in the Bering Sea (Deadliest Catch waters) and my neighbor probably had similar icing. Ice buildup is dangerous because it makes the boat heavier and if more builds up on one side than the other, there's more chance of the ship rolling. There are some more 30 foot wave images in this article (seriously, check out these photos). Some perspective: although individual waves reached 100 feet during the Perfect Storm, the average large wave was 39 feet. Hurricane Sandy generated 47 foot waves.


When the blizzard ended, the Coast Guard flew out to check on them. As my neighbor said, "We had NO business being out there. But we had to go if we were going to be home for the game."

So I will gladly take my snow days and count my blessings in my warm, unsinkable apartment.

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