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Welcome To The Bitchery
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We went and did it...

Rented that house, I mean!

I feel better about it than I did before for several reasons, not all of which are me talking myself into liking it.


1) The owners decided that we CAN have our cat there. We can only have the one pet, and should something happen to her, we won’t be allowed another pet, but we can at least have our current furbaby with us.

2) They dropped the rent by $75. So it will be under $900/month.

3) They have done a ton of cleaning/painting/fixing things and it looks a lot better. There’s new a/c, new washer/dryer, new gas heater, new stove, and will soon have new low-E windows and a new roof (we’ll have to deal with that part while we’re living there, but that’s ok.) Also, I asked the guy (hubs of the lady we talked to the first time) if there was a grab bar in the shower, and he said no, and immediately asked what height I need it at and said he’d go pick one up and put it in right away. He also said that they’re leaving the old fridge in the kitchen, but if it stops working just call and they’ll replace it right away.


Obviously, there are still some downsides... only 1 bathroom, the 4 upstairs rooms are tiny and the downstairs bedroom has only 1 window and that’s in the walk-in closet (!), tiny kitchen (but loads of drawers and cupboards), and the overall weird, rambling layout, but I am feeling much better about it.

Move in date is August 1st!! We’ll all be living under the same roof by the time school starts!! And that is absolutely the best part of all of this. I’ve missed my guys!

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