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We went on a hot air balloon ride!

Guys, a few days ago, we finally went on our hot air balloon ride (5th try! the weather finally cooperated)! Just to give you the context, this was a Christmas present from Homey which made me cry (ok, sob) when I opened it.

I grew up in a rural trailer court. As you can imagine, there was not much to do. :) And this was the ‘80s—most days, there were no parents around and there were a couple dozen kids running around, unsupervised, all day with very little to do.

One bright moment every summer was a visit to the trailer court from a couple in a hot air balloon from the next state over. On those days, the co-pilot (wife) would stake the balloon and the pilot (husband) would take up a kid or two at a time, so we would each get a chance to fly in the balloon.


As you can imagine, just seeing a balloon land was exciting! And the chance for a ride meant every kid in the court would stand in line as long as it took. The couple was super sweet and patient and would make sure each kid who wanted to fly got a chance.

So! You would think that a hot air balloon ride wouldn’t actually be a big deal to me, since I had an annual opportunity to go up in one. But, I was scared. Every year, I would get in line, then let one person go ahead of me, and the next and the next, till I was at the end of the line, too shy and scared to get into the balloon. Despite a visit from this couple at least 5 years in a row, I never went up.

I have always regretted standing on the sidelines, watching kid after kid go up in the balloon, not brave enough to go myself. Homey knows this story and my regrets so, because he’s the best, my last Christmas present was this hot air balloon ride. And I finally got to go up!

It was so cool and not scary at all. We just happened to fly over my parents’ house, and we got to see them running around the lawn and chasing us down the street, dog running behind them (so cute! they were so excited!), we saw my hometown from above, we saw deer running through fields and forest below us and we watched the sunset from just over the trees.


I’m so grateful for this experience and to have shared it with Homey. <3 Just wanted to share a little happiness with you guys. <3

The balloon as it’s being filled with air.
Sorry, this one’s showing up sideways in my edit view—hopefully it straightens out when I publish. But you can see the shadow of the balloon near the water tower!
A picture of my hometown from above.
Sunset over the woods.

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