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I know many of you may not remember since I only pop in from time to time, but I wanted to share our latest adventure...... WE WENT TO ANTARCTICA!!


It was absolutely amazing (minus the seasickness)! We only booked our 10 day cruise only 2 weeks in advance as a last minute deal and went on the same cruise as a friend from work. The vastness is probably like that of the Grand Canyon but the remoteness is unlike any other. You’re literally at the end of the world, where only a small percentage of the worlds’ population has ever gone. The silence is absolute. The mountains shoot up from the water at such a steep angle they look like teeth coming out of the jaws of winter.

The scale of the surroundings was hard to capture on camera or even in person. Only when we saw our ship against something did it become apparent. I hate cold weather without snow and luckily, it snowed quite a few of the days we were there at some point during the day.

We also did the Polar Plunge. I don’t regret it and I would do it again but FUUUUCCCKKKK was it cold. We have the certificate that says Temperature: 1C. To make it more awesome, we were jumping into the water of the caldera of an active volcano (Deception Island). Everything instantly went cold and my feet and legs started hurting. After I did the few strokes back to the ladder, I couldn’t catch my breath. Luckily, the vodka shot they provided did the trick! There is video proof of it happening...


However, we haven’t processed any of the photos except for the few in this post. We have over 4000+ photos (most of them are probably junk).


Because my pup would like me to take him to the park and I don’t want to make a super long post, feel free to ask many any questions!

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