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Things people tell you when you get an IUD: “If you use a menstrual cup, be sure to break the seal before you remove it, because it can pull your IUD out.”

Things people do not tell you when you get an IUD: “Make sure your doctor trims the strings nice and short because otherwise as you are pinching the bottom of the cup to remove it, you can also grab the strings without realizing until you’ve pulled the damn thing right out of your uterus.”

Go ahead, ask me how I know about that second part!

On the plus side, my primary care doc thinks that my Mirena may be the reason I’ve been having weird mood swings and cried in the middle of a Panera last week when I couldn’t decide what kind of soup I wanted. I was going to give it a while more to decide if I wanted to try something else, but maybe not.


This is, some of you may recall, my second IUD because the first one partially expelled. (See: IUD Rage Parts 1, 2, and 3.) Clearly it just was not meant to be.

I guess I’ll try my luck with the implant? I’m worried because irregular periods are apparently pretty common with that, but clearly the IUD is just not working for me.

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