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Wear Sturdy Shoes At Fleamarket And Other Life Lessons

1. My fault I literally put on the shoes nearest to the door when we were leaving and it was loafers. I could feel my foot coming down on so many peebles. The soles are so thin and no ankle support.

2. Don’t be a double ass if you are a dealer. These two men in their thirties set up a booth all with Funco products and mostly Pop. On one side of the table was a “do not touch the boxes”.sign. Yeah right. You expect me to buy without picking up the merchandise to inspect it? Yeah sure.

I saw a man and his son walk over. The father asked how much for a particular one. It was called Marko. The dealer said “30 dollars”. I thought “are you kiddng me”.


Well the dealer became a total ass about it. God I wanted to call him out on it. He said “its an investment it will be worth more in the future”. If he said it to me I would have just laughed and said “yeah people were told this about hummels, Royal Doulton, Lladro, collector dolls, let’s not forget the debacle of the collector plate you can certainly get a lot for the Norman Rockwell plates, oh let’s not forget Beanie babies you can find them for a quarter now. With near absolute certainty what is a mass produced collectors item today will be most certainly not be a collectors item in the future. Why? Tastes change people don’t want yesteryears collectables but todays. Those Pop in ten years will be worth nearly nothing. Something will replace it, mass produced collectables always becomes replaced. Oh if you believe so strongly it will go up in value why are you selling it now? It would not take that much room so if you are so positive it will go up shouldn’t you keep it”.

So I looked up Marko the Pop doll when I got home its selling for $8.95 on Amazon which is a markdown from the original $10.95 price.

Lesson: Do NOT buy collectable items which are mass produced as an investment you will almost certainly get burned by it. Just put the money in a bank product you will be assured a profit. Buy collectables because you desire and like them.

3. If you are a couple or just two people together having a booth to sell stuff. Do NOT let me stress DO NOT get into a yelling match with each other over $2 dollars. It was me and two other customers looking at their stuff. When the couple (mid20s? With a small child behind them) started yelling to eaçh other over 2 dollars. The mother (?) said she spent two dollars on the child and thought he should pay. He disagreed. Her voice was rising then his then hers. The three of us was just watching then one left then as the other was leaving the dealer next to them yelled “hey you two have customers”.


You would think “oh we are losing more then two dollars in sales”. Nope they continued. So at this point I realized they were not going to tell me the price of their books (note ALWAYS price your items its annoying to have to ask “how much is this, how much is that etc”) I just walked away.

I felt sorry for the child who looked around 3. I hope this yelling was a one time thing and not par for the course. It has to be tough on him if this is normal.


4. I have been reading that McDs Ice Coffee is better then Dunkin Donuts. We always go to McDs after I get a McDs Frappe and two of their cheap McChickens. So I ordered a large Caramel Ice Tea. I wish you could substitute for Chocolate. Although I do not see why you can’t. My mother said I should ask. So to be fair except for that one horrible blueberry iced coffee at DD I always get Mocha or White Chocolate when they have it. McDs Caramel was good but lacked sweetness. To me between McDs Ice Coffee and DD’s its not even close I will gladly pay the 80 cents more for the large Mocha at DDs.

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