This is my favorite magen david, and when I first started thinking about writing this post ages ago, I was gonna leave this post at that. And ask you all to share your favorite pieces of jewelery that say something about a piece of your identity, which granted I'd still love to hear about. But, the Quebec Charter mess has me thinking about this a little bit differently now.

This necklace is my favorite 'cause it's so very unassuming and unadorned and kinda just lays it out there in the most basic way possible. It's also got the most history, though no one in my mom's family can tell me who it belonged to or how it ended up in my grandmother's sewing box. But, the necklace also barely ever gets worn. Despite that, I still wear my religion on my sleeve – quite literally – 'cause I dress to Orthodox Jewish standards.

And so, there's this weird privilege in my ability to wear my religion without having to wear any overt symbols, 'cause it lets me control how much I want to broadcast about my group membership. I can play it up with a megan david and dressing more like a stereotype or tone it down in denim and t-shirts. And I can't help but compare to people who have to face discrimination 'cause they're not afforded that privilege because of their skin color or because their religious practice requires them to wear clothing that clearly signifies belonging.


So what about you, do you ever wear your identity?