Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATE! I got a new dress. I am weak. It is very similar. I have a problem. But I appreciate the feedback and will def wear the star dress for holiday parties this year! (Pics of me in the star dress went bye-bye.)

Illustration for article titled Update - New dress. [Wearing the same dress to basically the same party as 3 months ago?]

I love this dress. It’s such a perfect party dress. I don’t need to buy anything if I wear it again. But can I wear it to what amounts to basically the exact same event I wore it to three months ago (but in New York instead of San Diego)? I feel like it’s pretty distinctive so you can’t accessorize it into something else and a fair few people complimented me on it the first time so they may notice. But I feel like a million bucks in this dress and I want to wear it again. But... It goes against my entire being to re-wear an “event” outfit. What to doooooooooo? My usual places for a new party dress have nothing inspiring and affordable at the moment. I have other less fun party dresses. IDK what to do. I’m pouting.

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