I don't know if anyone has already posted about this, so apologies if this is a duplicate.

In the UK we have a right wing political party called UKIP, which stands for the United Kingdom Independence Party. Originally it started off as pretty much a one issue party regarding withdrawal from the European Union.

After a while it started to attract the sort of people who felt like they had too much class for the BNP (British National Party - out and out fascists), but still pretty much hated everybody and everything. I kind of feel bad for the long term members of the party who started off in a political party for one reason, and then got surrounded by a bunch of bigots, but there you go.

Recently, one (now suspended) councillor of UKIP, David Silvester, blamed recent flooding in parts of the UK on the recent introduction of gay marriage in the UK (to note: we've had civil partnerships for ten years, and gay people have been able to adopt children since 2002).

The real gem is that he actually put this view forward - willingly - in public to a local london newspaper. He was suspended from the party because he refused to not give any more interviews.


The reaction from the UK has been pretty predictable - everyone has, in good humour, been taking the piss out of both the councillor and UKIP in general.




Facebook is flooded (geddit??) with offers of meteorological assistance from gay friends/couples, or requests for weather assistance.

All in all, something very horrible has turned into something very fabulous, which is one of the reasons why I still love the UK so much :)