I'm so pissed that I want to scream. It's not supposed to snow a lot here today (only 2-4 inches), but it will rain and be very icy, making weather conditions bad for driving. Today, I wanted to do Christmas shopping because I need to and because I want to get out of the house. Now, I'm probably not going to do that because I don't know when the snow/rain will pick up and don't want to be stuck in the mall when the roads are bad. Also, I was supposed to go to my boyfriend's tonight and he's an hour's drivd away. I don't think I'll end up going if it's going to be slippery outside.

UGH I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK INSIDE ALL DAY. Why does it have to be like this on Saturday?! I'm so frustrated, and I'm going to be so bored today. I'm already bored out of my mind. FUCK WINTER, I HATE YOU.