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Weather: the smug southerners get their comeuppance

Hey, all you northerners who wanted to throat punch residents of southern climes complaining about having to put a coat on for one week out of this past winter: it’s been over 100F and high humidity for over a week with no end in sight. Other than the intermittent thunderstorms that create an inescapable steam bath.

We have been making hay while the sun shines (hur) by unfucking our habitat. I put up a clothesline and have gotten three loads out there already. About to do some crafting with the little bird. I am not a naturally crafty type, but I want to be, so I’m kinda excited to get into this Kiwi Crate box that arrived yesterday. It’s a subscription box that sends you all the supplies for an age appropriate kid-friendly craft. I’ve got a referral link for ten bucks off a box if you want to try. It looks pretty cute.


How are you beating (or enjoying) the heat?

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