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Webcomics, and hating the main character

I'm a huge lover of web comics. I love the off-beat themes, the varied styles, the quirky plotlines. I love the active engagement with the communities. There's just one thing I hate.

Every single main character.

It's never immediate, but over time, I find myself loathing the main character. The other characters are often awesome, and have me coming back for me. They have motivation. They're interesting. They're bold and brave or broken but strong. The main character is that person with the lame jokes that keeps coming and hanging out with the cool kids.


This bugged me so much, I ended up running down my list of serials and making sure that I did actually hate the MC.

  • Girl Genius: Yes, I get that you're a spark. I get that you're the lost hero. But could you have an emotion besides 'intense'?
  • Girls with Slingshots: Hazel is that friend that flounders around after high school. She has so much talent, and then can literally not get out of her own way when things go wrong.
  • Questionable Content: If Marten and Hazel had a child, its first word would be 'meh.' You know things are getting bad when the other characters start talking about how directionless he is.
  • Worsted for Wear: You know what's worse than someone with no motivation? Someone with no motivation and an endless supply of energy.

The only two that passed? Something Positive, where I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to hate the main character, and Schlock Mercenary, where I don't even know who the main character is anymore.

It's not that the authors are bad at their job. The other characters are awesome! I love it when a plot focuses on some side characters! The main ones, though, I really want to see get hit with a dump truck. Or at least some more ambitious character development.

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