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Website Creation Halp

(In which I procrastinate well.)

I keep putting this off. Partially because I don't know what I'm doing, and partially because that's just my thing. In a general effort to "start getting more shit together," I'm posting this post. Maybe you all can offer some topical feedback or motivating doge gifs or something.

I need to make a website. It doesn't have to be particularly complicated or involved. I'm not particularly concerned about traffic. (Eventually, yes. For now, I just need it to lend an air of professionalism when googled) It just needs a few pages of competent (static) copywriting and a clean design. Except anything I've tried to write leaves me banging my head into a wall because I think it sounds silly (which is code for boring, pendantic, or meaningless platitudes). Any design I've done using website building engines tend to look like a ten year old did them.


So: does anyone have any tips? Helpful links from experience? Easy suggestions that I'm missing? (Not averse to paying someone - I looked around a bit, and have no real metric for comparing people or what I'm looking for/at.)


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